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Poster: tristero Date: Feb 19, 2010 6:08pm
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: Where's 'I Eat Your Skin'

The no-budget films and filmmakers you named all have this ability to hook into the pleasure centers of my brain on a level I can't even pretend to fully understand, and that few mainstream Hollywood films can duplicate. It's almost more of a religious than aesthetic experience. The Church of the Curse of Bigfoot.

Mesa of Lost Women: that's the film that finally exhausted my wife's tolerance of my love of this stuff. The soundtrack - that incessant guitar strumming and those jarring piano chords - the same one Ed Wood used in Jail Bait but at least Ed had the mercy to turn the sound level down a bit, it literally drove her from the room, and when I kept watching, she got mad at me!

Nevertheless, there needs to be more Ron Ormond here.

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Poster: cosmico Date: Feb 19, 2010 6:52pm
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: Where's 'I Eat Your Skin'

Guaranteed my wife will fall asleep within 10 minutes anytime I try to show her a film by one of the Masters of B-Cinema (Wood, Buchanan, Francis, et al). Hm. I'm getting a craving for Night Train to Mundo Fine. She's gonna kill me...